“Getting the best from the best”


In perfect simplicity…


The team at Château d’Avize strives to tend our vines with great care and attention in order to produce well-defined, aromatic and original wines. We use Biodynamic vine growing methods and homeopathic care to treat the vines, adapting to the rhythms of the vegetation, the weather and the lunar cycles and we always act according to the plants’ needs.

With its sunken construction, our winery enjoys the perfect conditions for maturing wines with low energy consumption. It is a place where the nectar in our barrels evolves at its own pace without being rushed, in harmony with the vines growing around the winery.

A symbiosis of the elements, optimal conditions, top-quality Chardonnay grapes… We have everything we need to express the purity of the grapes’ aromas and to produce a unique champagne that will delight the palate of knowledgeable wine lovers.

l’abus de l’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération

the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume in moderation

Чрезмерное употребление алкоголя вредит Вашему здоровью. Будьте умеренны в употреблении алкоголя.